The 3 Main Things Men Want In A Relationship


The 3 Main Things Men Want In A Relationship
What men really want.

Finally, companionship, this is probably the reason why men eventually decide to marry a woman. As the word companionship very eloquently describes this need, we are looking for a person that is fun to be around; a person that shares our own interests; a person that we can talk to about our dreams, goals; a person that gets our sense of humor; a person that will stick by us no matter what.

Once we find such a person, it’s only natural that we will try to do absolutely everything in our power to spend the most amount of time together. Oh compatibility…and its powerful drive to stick people together.


There you have it ladies, the simple, shocking but yet hard truth about what men want from a relationship. You might think that he is surely searching for something more than that, maybe a partner, a soul mate, life mate, coffee mate, roommate or whatever else.

You may be thinking that because that’s what you’d want from a man, but as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, that’s because women and men have very different needs and desires when it comes to a relationship.

Although sometimes we may have other “requests”, the bottom line is that they all boil down to these BIG 3. 

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