5 Foods for Better Taste... Below the Waist


5 Foods for Better Taste... Below the Waist
These foods are believed to make oral sex better for both men and women.


Cinnamon, and Spice and Everything Nice
Cinnamon, which is an alkaline spice, neutralizes the acidic taste of the vagina. It's also mildly antibiotic, and there's some evidence that it can help treat an active yeast infection. Better vaginal balance means better taste.


Cinnamon Schnitzel
There’s a popular myth going around that goes like this: if a guy eats cinnamon, his semen will taste like cinnamon. This is true, to an extent. It won't make semen taste like cinnamon gum, but, at least anecdotally, people says it sweetens the taste. Hey, it works for your breath, right? Don’t like cinnamon? Cardamom, peppermint, or lemon are also believed to do the trick.


Celery Cocktail
Because celery is high in water and Vitamin C, it works wonders to reduce any bitter taste the vagina may have. Vitamin C is very effective in restoring the ecology of vaginal bacteria and promoting the growth of healthy flora. That said, if your smell or taste seems really off, drop the celery stick, skip the oral and head to the doctor: That can mean infection.

Straight Up Celery Stick
Celery, as well as parsley and wheatgrass, has a high chlorophyll content. That's believed to help sweeten the taste of semen ... along with just about anything else that grows and doesn't stink.


Yogurt must contain active live cultures to neutralize the taste of the vagina. Eating one four-ounce serving of yogurt a day helps add probiotics to the body and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your nether regions. That means minimal taste and odor, not to mention better health.

Dairy-Free Dick
Most sources suggest that men should avoid yogurt. It may work well for the ladies, but yogurt and other dairy products are said to negatively affect the taste of semen. A study out of Harvard University also found that high consumption of high-fat dairy products can reduce sperm quality.


Crantastic Coochie
Cranberry juice naturally counters bacteria in the urinary tract system. It also helps keep PH levels balanced, which is good for keeping things from getting funky down below.

Colonel Cranberry
Cranberry juice increases the body’s acidity, which helps balance the alkalinity of semen. As a result, eating cranberries can reduce the saltiness of semen and sweeten it a bit.

The Enemies of Oral Sex

Red Meat
A lot of red meat can create a sharp, salty taste.

The high bacterial putrefaction levels in cheese and other dairy products (except for natural yogurt) can create a salty or bitter flavor.

Stinky Stuff
Anything that'll give you bad breath or smelly gas is a no-go. That means things like garlic, onions, cabbage, cauliflower and asparagus.

It'll make you taste fishy (duh).

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