There is Nothing Sexy about Presenting Yourself as a "Nice Guy"


There is Nothing Sexy about Presenting Yourself as a "Nice Guy"
Do you feel flattered when women refer to you as a "nice guy?" If you answered "yes," shame on you.

4)  Quit being afraid to let women know that you want to get in their pants

Comment:  Would you ever visit a restaurant and "pretend" like you are not hungry?  Would you ever enter into a doctor's office and "pretend" like you are not experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort?  Then why would you share the company of a desirable woman, and try to "pretend" like the thought of having sex with her is nowhere in your mind?  This is the absolute dumbest thing men are guilty of doing very, very frequently.  If you want to have sex with a woman ... let her know that.   (Here is a little secret fellas:  nine times out of ten, she already assumes that you want to have sex with her anyway ... so you might as well go ahead and confirm her very valid assumption)


5)  Quit looking at all harsh criticisms and insults from women as a "bad" thing

Comment:  Did a woman recently refer to you as a "jerk?"  Feel good about that! (seriously).  There are some criticisms that are expressed by women that are really "indirect compliments in disguise."  When you exhibit behavior that is challenging and/or frustrating to a woman's [spoiled] ego, nine times out of ten, she is going to start calling you names.  So what!  Let her.  Just about every woman who I have been in a relationship with or had sex with has criticized various aspects of my behavior from time to time.  On the flip side, the vast majority of women who had nothing but compliments of my behavior were typically the women who I never engaged in anything beyond a platonic friendship with.

Aspire to be perceived as charming, sexy, witty, articulate, thoughtful, honest, and provocative.

But "nice?"  Uhm . . . . . no.  Only if you want to take up an indefinite residence in a woman's "friend zone."

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