Are You Fit to be Someone's Husband or Wife?


Are You Fit to be Someone's Husband or Wife?
Is your age combined with your "No Kids/Never Been Married" history giving you a "red flag" status?

If you are 35 years of age or older and you have never been married, but it is still your desire to find a husband, then you need to take care of your health, fitness, hygiene, and overall grooming.  This is a must.

"Looks" are not 100% of what keeps a man interested in you romantically, but your physical appearance is definitely a major contributing factor to a man's romantic and sexual interest in you.  You do not have to look like a fashion model or Playboy Centerfold in order to hold your man's interest, but you need to simply look the absolute best that you are capable of looking.


Top Five reasons why many single *MEN* who want to be married are not:

1)  You are financially irresponsible and/or erratically employed

Comment:  I know women who have had short-term non-monogamous "casual" sex with men who may have been broke at the time or unemployed at the time.  Very few women though want a husband who makes them feel like they have to take care of a man the way they would a son or little brother.

As a man, you do not have to be "wealthy" per se to attract a wife, but the vast majority of women do want a man who is capable of managing money and making good, solid financial decisions for the family.

As many of my female friends have told me, "I do not need a man in my life that is going to multiply my financial problems.  I can experience financial stress all by myself."

2)  You have a reputation for being boring, selfish, or unsatisfying in bed

Comment:  I always joke with men and women in saying, "If you know how to put it down in bed (i.e., know how to please and satisfy women sexually), you can get away with just about anything with women...."

Even many women I know have agreed with me on that lighthearted statement.  As a man, have you ever wondered why some guys always attract female companions, despite the fact that their personalities are not that charming, and even worse, many of them are "jerks?"  Because they know how to please and satisfy a woman consistently in bed.

There is a reason why the female sex toy industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year in profits:  most men suck in bed.   The problem of some men is simply that they are "selfish" lovers.  All they care about is their own pleasure and orgasms.  They could care less about making their female partners experience multiple orgasms. 

Other guys are just sort of "clueless" about what it really takes to please a woman in bed.  They do not know how to move right in bed, and they do not know how to work their penis in a way that creates great pleasure for the woman.

In case you did not know this:  unsatisfying sex, along with infidelity, is the second biggest cause of divorce next to frequent financial problems.

3)  You come across as "too needy" and "too desperate" for female companionship

Comment:  Have you ever met a man that many women will describe as a "nice guy" or a "sweetheart," but that man never seems to have a long-term girlfriend or even a casual sex partner? 

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