Are You Fit to be Someone's Husband or Wife?


Are You Fit to be Someone's Husband or Wife?
Is your age combined with your "No Kids/Never Been Married" history giving you a "red flag" status?

A lot depends on how egotistically competitive and egotistically insecure that particular man is.  Many men do not want to seriously date or marry a woman if they know that woman has had sex with men who are friends of theirs, acquaintances of theirs, co-workers of theirs, or high school or college classmates of theirs. 

Other times, it is not a history of promiscuity that is the problem.  Sometimes, having a reputation for being "too much of a prude" can hurt you just as well.  No man wants to be in a long-term relationship with a woman who gives off the impression of being "indifferent" toward sex, disinterested in sex, or too ultra-conservative and inhibited when it comes to sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.  Let that "inner kinky freak" side come out and play.


4)  You have too much "Yang" energy, and not enough "Yin" energy

Comment:  I have borrowed this from a fellow relationship expert, Ami A. Moore.  She and I were featured speakers at a "Relationship Chat" that was held in Chicago in early September of 2012.

Arguably Ms. Moore's strongest statement during her presentation (which was full of African-American single women) was, "Too many Black women have too much 'yang' and not enough 'yin,' and that is why many of you cannot attract a husband."  Some of the women loudly protested Ms. Moore's assertion ... but a few of the women actually agreed with her.

This is not just exclusively an African-American problem either.  Many of my Caucasian male clients have frequently complained to me that they feel many women of today's generation have too much "masculine" energy in their personalities.

A lot of women seem to get off on proudly proclaiming themselves to be "strong" and "independent."  Trust me ladies ... those words are not as much of a "turn on" to men as you seem to think they are.  Imagine if you heard a man say, "I am a weak, cowardly, passive, needy man!!"  Would that turn you on?  99.99% chance, no it would not.  Your reaction to those words is how many men feel when they hear women talk about how 'strong' and 'independent' they are.   Those words are many times like nails on a chalkboard.  Being too focused on your career and the accumulation of wealth can be a major turn off to men who want to get married.

Most men I know love women who are very "soft" in nature, extremely feminine, and for lack of a better word, "submissive."  I know many 21st Century women hate the "S-word," but that is a quality that turns men on immensely.

5)  You have "let yourself go" in terms of your physical appearance, wardrobe, and grooming

Comment:  All men - to one degree or another - are visual creatures.  I have noticed that some women, as they get older, simply allow themselves to put on a lot of weight ... or they start smoking cigarettes a lot ... or they start drinking a lot of alcohol ... or they stop going to their favorite hair stylist.

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