Are You Fit to be Someone's Husband or Wife?


Are You Fit to be Someone's Husband or Wife?
Is your age combined with your "No Kids/Never Been Married" history giving you a "red flag" status?

The vast majority of my reasons that I have listed on the next few pages are specifically geared toward men and women who are 35 years of age or older who very much WANT TO BE married, but certain factors and individual flaws are holding them back.  Here we go . . .

Top Five reasons why many single *WOMEN* who want to be married are not:


1)  You are not enjoyable to be around on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month basis.

Comment:  You can say that this is simply a very formal way of saying the same thing that Ms. McMillan said (i.e., "You're a bitch"), but the reality is, I know some women who I would not necessarily label as a "bitch" who are not enjoyable to be around on a regular basis.

Here are some of the adjectives and phrases that many men I know have used to describe women who they do not enjoy being around regularly:  "argumentative," "boring," "bossy," "dishonest," "full of drama," "irritating," "moody," "nagging," "phony," "pretentious," "prudish," "shallow," and "superficial."

Just about all men I know want a woman with these two qualities at minimum:  a) a woman who is fairly easy to get along with, and b) a woman who enjoys having sex just as much if not slightly more than they do.  Every other quality is frosting on the cake.  Make sure your personality does not rub men the wrong way and that your character and integrity is beyond reproach.

2)  Your criteria for a long-term romantic companion or future spouse is too unrealistic or too 'nitpicky.'

Comment:  About ten years ago or so, a female friend and I got into a lengthy discussion about what men look for in a potential spouse or long-term romantic companion, and what women look for in the same.   At the conclusion of our discussion, we agreed to exchange e-mail messages describing what we were each looking for.

My list totaled approximately 6 or 7 attributes and characteristics.  Her list?  38 very specific attributes, characteristics, and personality qualities.  THIRTY-EIGHT.  Not joking.

There is nothing wrong with a woman (or man) having "standards," but you never want to get so carried away that you view 999 out of every 1,000 members of the opposite sex you meet as "not up to par."

3)  You have a history and reputation for being either way too prudish ... or way too promiscuous

Comment:  This is somewhat of a "sensitive" issue for some women, based on past conversations.  For example, I know a lot of women who literally refuse to discuss their sexual past with new boyfriends.

How important your sexual past is ... or is not ... depends on the type of man you want to date.  Some men are very judgmental, some men are "kinda, sorta" judgmental, and other men are not judgmental at all when it comes to a woman's sexual past.

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