Unpack Your Bags: 5 Signs You've Got More Than A Carry On


Unpack Your Bags: 5 Signs You've Got More Than A Carry On
Relationships are hard enough without bringing along a lot of extra baggage!

 Notice I said could be wrong, the fact that these things aren’t high up on his list of things to do doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be if he knows they are things you enjoy. Remember to ask whether or not he’d be open to trying new things with you. Also remember to ask what kinds of things he does enjoy and you may find some commonality there as well.

5.    Do you think you’re being too picky or that your time is running out? I know this may seem strange to have on the list of baggage, but here’s the thing: many women approach the dating scene from the perspective that they have to go out with anyone who asks. This reasoning is often justified by the mindset that they are not getting any younger or that to do otherwise shows that they are really being too picky. Neither one of these two things is true; women are finding new, meaningful relationships all the time at any age. As for being too picky, you should have a clearly defined sense of what you are looking for. If the person who is asking you out doesn’t seem to meet your criteria, especially after a few dates, then don’t continue to waste your time. Once you are clear on what you want then don't accept anything that doesn’t meet your standards.


If one or more of these "bags" look familiar don’t panic. Take a deep breath and acknowledge the behavior. Just becoming aware is a step towards handling things differently. Remember that each person you meet is unique with distinct characteristics and personalities. Keep an open mind and heart.

Akua Bediako is a well-respected relationship coach, workshop leader, author and speaker. She believes that everyone deserves to have loving, supportive relationships. Akua’s mission is to help as many people achieve that goal as possible.  For more information, articles, workshop and coaching options visit here.

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