Does Gay Marriage Affect Straight Marriage?


Does Gay Marriage Affect Straight Marriage?
If not, then why is gay marriage such an issue?

One of the greatest expressions of love and commitment is marriage. Two people who love each other and want to make this commitment to each other should be allowed to do so. In our American culture, marriage affords many different benefits to the partners. Gay couples should be able to enjoy any and all of the benefits that a straight couple would receive. The fact that a gay surviving spouse can receive his or her partner's estate without the estate tax or receive social security benefits on his/her partner's record does not affect anyone else.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg refers to the current provisions of law as creating "full marriage and skim-milk marriage." That is a perfect description. It is interesting to note that even with the case before the highest court in the land, nothing definitive has been offered to show a negative effect on society by allowing gay marriage.

I always say that I believe everyone deserves to have love and loving, supportive relationships. I further believe that as a society, we should accept and embrace all of the things that make up this diverse country. We should look for and embrace all of the things that are common to us all like the desire for love and happiness. These things bring us together. When we all have equal rights, we are strong. When one class or group of people is denied their rights, it weakens all of us.

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