Why It's Okay for Men to Do Nothing, It Saves Marriages

Men's bodies need the time to sit and do nothing. If you knew why men need time to relax, then will it save your relationship? I think it just may. Equally important, women need time to nurture themselves and connect with other women. Read on for the science behind the phenomenon. The stress-reducing ...

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Why It's Easy to be Afraid of Committment?

We are often scared to change. Even when we're up against the wall, and our relationships are flailing, commiting to learning something new is scary, because we don't know if it will work or make things better. Are you at the point yet, where you've decided to do things differently, because you ...

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#1 Predictor Of Divorce

We've settled in to our new home, and I'm back up and running with posts! Did you know that the number one predictor of divorce is habitually avoiding conflict? When we first get married, we often are still in the passionate/infatuation ...

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Stop Talking! How to Spice Up Your Relationship

It really is as simple as making the other person feel connected. Guess what? DON'T FOCUS ON TALKING! Or pouting, or slamming doors, or happily acting like everything's ok. Often the results of talking things out end in further frustration and alienation. In no way am I saying don't discuss big ...

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Which Type of Communicator are You?

The basic types of communication are: (1) Assertive (2) Passive (3) Aggressive (4) Passive-Aggressive Did you know we communicate both verbally and nonverbally? Nonverbals include body language, eye contact, presentation (clothing, cleanliness, ...

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Why It's Okay for Men to Do Nothing, It Saves Marriages

Women get upset when they see their men sitting, watching TV, on the internet--but it's necessary.

broken heart

Why It's Easy to be Afraid of Committment?

This article explores why we are afraid of commitment--especially when it involves relationships.

Butting Heads

#1 Predictor Of Divorce

Learn how to fireproof your marriage. Successful marriages requires a certain skill set, just learn.


Stop Talking! How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Why connecting is more important than talking in your relationships. And how being assertive helps!


Which Type of Communicator are You?

There are four ways we communicate with other people. Only one is healthy. Which one are you?

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