I'm Sorry: 25 Ways To Apologize To Yourself

Part of finding more dates is getting right with yourself. If you're too busy listening to the conversations in your head, then chances are that opportunities are passing you by right and left. If you are stuck on past failed attempts, how can you be successful at talking to the person right in front of you? ...

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Resiliency Vs. Chocolate On Valentine's Day

Did you know that your consumption of dark chocolate verses milk chocolate is in direct proportion to how loved you feel; especially, on and around Valentine’s Day? Wouldn’t that be a fabulous study to troll for why this is so? If you’re a female, when you think about your monthly ...

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Healthy Relationships: Differentiation Of Self

Did you know the better you are able to differentiate yourself from what is going on about you by thinking logically rather than emotionally, the healthier your relationships are with other people? Are you asking what the heck does differentiation of self mean, and why should I bother reading about it? Are you ...

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New Year, New Possibilites, & Overcoming the Same Fears

The only thing that stays the same is change. When we begin to see our lives as being routine, then any deviation from the way it's always been done can cause panic. Take New Year's Resolutions for example. If you have not consistently followed through on achieving your resolutions from previous years, ...

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First Comes Love..., then comes Marriage Education?

S__ & M___ sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first come love..., then comes marriage. Any couple in a successful marriage will tell you that you will reap the benefits for how much effort, time, and investment you put into learning new skills to connect, communicate, and be intimate with one another. If you ...

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Articles by Lyndsay Katauskas

I'm Sorry: 25 Ways To Apologize To Yourself

Do you owe yourself an apology?


Resiliency Vs. Chocolate On Valentine's Day

Have you ever wondered why some people eat chocolate instead of logging quality time with others?

Bad Thoughts

Healthy Relationships: Differentiation Of Self

Emotions play a huge part in our relationships. Read more to find out how to use emotions as tools.

Kiss Frog

New Year, New Possibilites, & Overcoming the Same Fears

We often stop ourselves from changing, because we fear the unknown. Learn how to embrace change.

Love Note

First Comes Love..., then comes Marriage Education?

Healthy relationships are about being proactive so you stay together, grow closer, & sex gets better

Lyndsay Katauskas

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