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Graham began the highly popular Facebook page What Evolved Women Want after speaking with hundreds of women fed up with the lack of single men who they were attracted to on all levels.  Not prepared to put up with 'Bad Boys', or settle for 'Nice Guys', Evolved women are looking for quality men with a sexy edge.  

Graham's expertise in understanding human behavior comes from decades of working as a marketing strategist and building the world's largest coaching program with 150 coaches and 20,000 clients.

Graham's articles and quotes have been viewed by millions of Evolved women committed to finding "Mr. Right" rather than settling for "Mr. Right Now". A compilation of his articles will soon be available in the book, "What Evolved Women Want".

Professionally Graham applies his understanding of human behavior as a marketing strategist for speakers, trainers and authors whose focus is changing lives.   

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I have always had a focused interest on the reason why we do what we do, particularly when it's different that what we 'should' do.  I studied philosophy and psychology in university before applying my expertise as a business consultant.

After more than a decade of supporting businesses I refocused on personal development and coaching.  After setting up the world's largest coaching program I quickly became in demand as a marketing strategist for the personal development industry.  

Over the past decade I have lent my expertise to the area of special needs and have worked with many of the most behaviorally challenged learning disabled children and adults. 

I have intentionally chosen work that has exposed me to both the most gifted and most challenged individuals. My personal experience going through the online profiles of 20,000 coaching clients and 50,000 online dating profiles as well as coaching thousands of men and women personally has given me a unique ability to understand and predict human behavior with uncanny certainty.

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