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Not in Front of the Children!

They say that marriage gets more difficult once you have children. It can be tougher to find the time and energy for connection and romance. It can also be a challenge when you and your spouse have a disagreement and you don't make time to be alone and resolve it . You might have uncomfortable or even ...

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Divorce Doesn't Mean the End

The end of a marriage. It only makes sense that it also can feel like the end of romance, intimacy and the kind of connection and companionship you've wanted-- even if your relationship was painful and disappointing. When Read More

4 Methods for Dealing with Criticism and Nagging from Your Spouse

Do you love your mate but really hate the complaints and nagging you get from him or her? Your partner might be a flat-out bully who says and does things that make you feel bad, wrong or inept. Or, your ...

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How To Fall 'In Like' With Your Spouse

Kim has been married to Jeremy for over twenty years. She can't imagine living her life without him. He's been with her through difficult times when they were just starting out and now as their "babies" are growing up and leaving home. There are no regrets for Kim. She chose a stable, ...

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Is It Time to Get a Second Opinion to Save Your Marriage?

You've pretended that the problems weren't there. You've thought and thought about the troubles in your marriage searching for a solution. You've talked and maybe even argued with your partner about this challenge you face. Maybe you two have stopped talking about your marital problem because ...

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Parents Fighting

Not in Front of the Children!

Honor both your children and your marriage when conflicts arise with these communication rules.

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Divorce Doesn't Mean the End

Open up to healing and your new beginning!

Out of 'Like' With Your Partner

How To Fall 'In Like' With Your Spouse

Yes, you love your partner, but do you really like him or her?

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Is It Time to Get a Second Opinion to Save Your Marriage?

When it's time for outside advice for your marital troubles who should you turn to?

Susie & Otto Collins

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