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The Secret To Relationship Success: Be A Self-Care Couple

If taking nurturing, good care of yourself is something you know you should do, but don't actually do (until you get sick or break down in exhaustion), listen up! Regular self-care is not only essential to your own health, well-being and sanity, it's vital for your relationship, too. Perhaps one ...

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A Response to Seth Adam Smith's "Marriage Isn't For You" 

A thoughtful blog post has been making the rounds on social media lately titled, "Marriage Isn’t For You" written by Seth Adam Smith. In the post, Smith speaks honestly and openly about the realization he had a year and ...

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Banish THIS 5-Letter Word After His Affair

There are millions of emotions you're feeling after discovering that your man cheated on you; you're angry, confused, outraged, sad, scared, in shock and so on. There's probably about a million other urges you ...

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Can You “Catch” Divorce?

Sarah feels sick to her stomach. She just found out that her best friend’s marriage is over. Sarah always thought that her friend, Kay had a healthy relationship, but it seems that appearances were deceiving. Even Kay was surprised to discover how unhappy her husband was-- especially after she caught him ...

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Be Happy In Your Long Distance Relationship

Some people love to be afraid. They watch horror movies, visit haunted houses, walk through cemeteries, and purposely put themselves in creepy and spooky situations. Depending on what you like, it can be fun to be scared, especially around Halloween. There are plenty of ways that many of us make ourselves ...

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Self-Care: Important Advice For Couples

The Secret To Relationship Success: Be A Self-Care Couple

Healthy self-care isn't just for your benefit — it's good for your relationship, too!


A Response to Seth Adam Smith's "Marriage Isn't For You" 

Is selflessness actually bad for your relationship?

Trouble In Paradise

Banish THIS 5-Letter Word After His Affair

Trust rebuilding advice to save your relationship.


Can You “Catch” Divorce?

4 strategies to protect your marriage when divorce is all around.


Be Happy In Your Long Distance Relationship

5 ways to avoid ghosts and ghouls that will tear you and your partner apart.

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