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4 Questions You Wish You Never Asked Your Partner

If you've ever asked yourself the question: "Was it something I said?" chances are, it was. Communication with your spouse or partner can be a tricky business. You may have the best intentions and only want your ...

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4 Game Changers for a Happier Marriage

This year’s NCAA basketball tournament is nearing its exciting finish. If you’ve been following your favorite team to see who’s best at college basketball and hoping your bracket picks survive and win, you’ve probably been watching a lot of hoops. You’ve probably noticed ...

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How Pushy Is TOO Pushy?

Without a doubt, one of the most infuriating things in a relationship is when your guy gets quiet and won’t talk. You know he had a bad day and he refuses to talk about it. His response is, “I’m fine,” when you ask. Or you’re sure he’s angry because of something you did, ...

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5 Ways to Bring Your Marriage Back from the Brink of Divorce

“Can my marriage be saved?!” This is a question we hear from so many people who email, call or see us in person. It’s a question that often comes from a place of frustration, fear and anguish. When you and your partner got married, you probably spoke vows to one another. With whatever ...

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Is Your 'Work Husband' Ruining Your Real Marriage?

You'd never EVER cheat on your spouse or romantic partner. That thought has truly never entered your mind. But what about that special work relationship you have? You know, that one guy or gal whom you always go to lunch with, seek out ...

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4 Deadly Relationship Questions You Can't Take Back

4 Questions You Wish You Never Asked Your Partner

Want to be in a happy and healthy relationship? Avoid these questions!


4 Game Changers for a Happier Marriage

Stops and starts to bring you and your spouse closer.

Trouble In Paradise

How Pushy Is TOO Pushy?

What to do when your guy clams up and you're tempted to force him to talk.

5 Ways to Bring Your Marriage Back from the Brink of Divorce

Critical care to heal the pain and bring back peace,love and connection in your relationship.

Relationship Coach: Is Having A Work Husband Considered Cheating

Is Your 'Work Husband' Ruining Your Real Marriage?

It may be innocent but then again, you may accidentally fall in love.

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