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Help! My Child Is Being Bullied

If you know your child is being bullied, start by taking a deep breath. Your first instinct may be to charge in and do something to protect your child.  However, your goal should be to help your child protect herself as much as possible, which will take some ...

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The Pros and Cons of Manipulation

According to a new study, the use of manipulation is one way to test partner's love. Manipulation as a technique for getting what we want is something we all learn as babies.  Even before we have figured out that the Mommy is another person, we begin experimenting with how to get her to react to us ...

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The Dangers Of Divorced Parenting

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, claims her ex-husband won't allow their children to mention her name in his house My parents never divorced, were married almost 50 years and did not fight ...

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How To Know When Your Child Is Being Bullied

Children won’t always tell you when they are being bullied, teased, or picked on at school.  There are several reasons for this. • Teasing and bullying evokes the feeling of shame in the recipient, and the instinctive behavior of shame is to hide and keep a low profile.  The child ...

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From Victim to Bully

According to one friend of Adam Lanza, he was excruciatingly shy as a teenager.  If you have ever felt shy, embarrassed or humiliated in public, or the victim of cruel teasing or ostracism in your peer group, you know the feeling.  Multiply that memory of the pain of shame by a power of 10 or 20 and ...

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Articles by Brock Hansen
sad child looking out window with mother

Help! My Child Is Being Bullied

Five steps parents can take to protect their kids.


The Pros and Cons of Manipulation

Everyone manipulates. It's one of the first things we learn to do. But does it have a downside?

Butting Heads

The Dangers Of Divorced Parenting

You're going to be angry. Did you think your kids wouldn't notice?

sad teen

How To Know When Your Child Is Being Bullied

When your child doesn't tell you, what are the signs to look for and what can you do about it?


From Victim to Bully

How excruciating shyness could lead to an inner life of revenge fantasies ending in tragedy.

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