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Got a Bully? Be a Hero!

  Teasing and bullying are part of the rough and tumble competition for attention and status among siblings and peers. Sometimes we get used to it by the time we are 30, sometimes not. But for children just entering the social jungle, it can be quite a shock. Some think that physical bullying is worse ...

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Why Worry?

Worrying is a natural mental and emotional activity, an easy habit to fall into.  Our brains are designed (or evolved) to pay attention to danger.  When the lion or wolf attacks, we need to be prepared to run like hell, so fear prepares our bodies to do so by releasing hormones that direct the blood ...

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Study Says People Prefer Sex & Booze To Parenting

In a recent study, participants ranked sex first and alcohol second on a list of things that make them happy. Meanwhile, childcare came in ...

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7 Ways To Fight Slut-Shaming

Slut shaming is the latest form of cyberbullying. Like all bullying, it is motivated by the perpetrator's desire for attention. Social media makes it easy and tempts cyberbullies because they can do it with little risk to themselves. However, because bullying ...

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Teaching Your Kids The True Meaning Of Valentines Day

Most elementary school students see Valentines Day either as a popularity contest, something related to that embarrassing business between girlfriends and boyfriends, or an excuse to eat candy. Either way, school-age kids can get kind of squirmy about it. Why? Well, if the emphasis is on popularity, then ...

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Articles by Brock Hansen

Got a Bully? Be a Hero!

One way to help your child deal with bullying is to talk about safe ways for him to be a hero.

deep breath

Why Worry?

We worry ourselves sick a lot of the time. Some of us worry ourselves to death. Why worry so much?

prenant wine

Study Says People Prefer Sex & Booze To Parenting

A look at why sex and alcohol are so much more appealing than childcare.

stop hand woman

7 Ways To Fight Slut-Shaming

Slut-shaming is the act of trying to humiliate a woman for her sexuality.

young woman peeking throught heart-shaped cutout at little boy

Teaching Your Kids The True Meaning Of Valentines Day

Help your children understand what February 14 is all about.

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