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Learning Early How To Overcome Failure.

Sara Blakely, the overnight billionaire creator of Spanx, learned at an early age how not to be intimidated by failure.  Her father was a natural mentor in one of the key emotional intelligence skills necessary for young entrepreneurs.  As she told the story to Fareed Zakaria, her father encouraged ...

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When Fear Directs My Dreams.

I had a familiar dream recently.  It was near the end of the semester in my dream and I had not attended many of my calculus classes.  I knew I would fail and I was desperately searching for a way out of this mess.  As I woke from my dream, I realized that I had nothing to fear from ...

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He Said, She Said: How Do I Get My Partner To Open Up?

Want to get your partner to open up to you emotionally so you can deepen your bond and enhance your intimacy? Some words and phrases can push your partner away, while others can bring you closer together as a couple. Men and women, having some major communication ...

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Why Not Worry?

If worrying is so natural and has so many survival advantages (See my article Why Worry?), you may say, why not worry?  The short answer is that it is well enough to worry for short periods when the crisis requires it, but it is unhealthy and unproductive to get into the habit of worrying all the ...

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Bullies and Bystanders [EXPERT}

Recent coverage of the Steubenville, OH rape case noted that people knew what was going on, but chose to look the other way, passively colluding with the abuse. Sticks and Stones by Emily Bazelon is a new book on the culture of bullying, how pervasive it is and what we can try to do to fight ...

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Articles by Brock Hansen

Learning Early How To Overcome Failure.

Emotional intelligence lessons from the youngest billionaire entrepreneur.


When Fear Directs My Dreams.

Basic emotions find expression in our dreams. The same emotions guide our perceptions and actions.

Relationships: How Do I Get My Partner To Share Emotions?

He Said, She Said: How Do I Get My Partner To Open Up?

Words and phrases that will help your partner share their emotions with you.


Why Not Worry?

Though worrying is a natural function of the brain, the costs outweigh the benefits in the long run.


Bullies and Bystanders [EXPERT}

How do we teach our children (and ourselves) to stand up for others when teasing crosses the line.

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