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Are You Tricking Yourself Out Of Love?

I was once doing a radio show about our (my father, Dr. Robert Firestone, and my) work on the "critical inner voice," a self-destructive thought process we all ...

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Are We Still Condemning Women for Their Sexuality?

Months have passed since Rush Limbaugh apologized for the scathing insults he spewed about a female student who spoke out before congress on the importance of birth control to young women. Yet, echoes of the terms Limbaugh used, “slut,” “prostitute” and “feminazi,” should ...

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Why Are We Hooked on Rejection?

You don’t need to be a psychologist to note the very harsh effects of a breakup on a person’s mental health. When a relationship ends, humiliation, rage, loneliness, anguish and grief all seem to simultaneously show up at the door, marching in arm-in-arm to parade noisily around our psyche. Evicting ...

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6 Ways to Keep Love Strong This Valentine's Day & Beyond

The to-do list associated with Valentine's Day typically involves flower orders, dinner reservations, and chocolate deliveries. All of these can be lovely gestures of fondness and appreciation, but all of them are fleeting symbols whose pleasures fade come Feb. 15. The greatest and most lasting gift we can ...

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How to Be Your Own Couples Therapist

In my 25 years as a therapist, I’ve worked with countless couples facing a broad spectrum of challenges. Yet, despite the diversity between them in age, occupation, or origin, I’m amazed at the similarities in the patterns and pitfalls that ...

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Articles by Dr. Lisa Firestone
Oh My

Are You Tricking Yourself Out Of Love?

When it comes to finding love, self-sabotage may be your biggest obstacle.


Are We Still Condemning Women for Their Sexuality?

Dr. Lisa Firestone discusses the ways our society still condemns women for their sexuality.


Why Are We Hooked on Rejection?

Expert psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone talks about why so many people are hooked on rejection.

6 Ways to Keep Love Strong This Valentine's Day & Beyond

Why not use a holiday celebrating love as a chance to think about how we can make our love stronger?

happy couple

How to Be Your Own Couples Therapist

Six suggestions on how you can be your own couple’s therapist.

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