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The Power Of Kindness In Relationships

There is one choice you can make that will heal many of your relationship problems. This is the choice of kindness—to both yourself and to others. This may sound simple, yet for many people, there is one choice far more ...

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"I Thought I Was Further Along"--How Your Self-Esteem Affects You

I can't tell you how often I hear from my clients that "I should be further along in my healing process," especially when it comes to relationships. Sophia is struggling with this: "I'm finding my new relationship extremely challenging. After three years of being single, I thought ...

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How do you Make Others Responsible for Your Painful Feelings?

We have all learned many ways of trying to avoid or get rid of our painful feelings. Many of these ways are fairly obvious: addictions to substances and activities, staying in your mind rather than in your body, or ...

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The Relationship Loop of Control

Most of us in relationships have an easy time seeing how the other person is being controlling, and a very hard time seeing it in ourselves. Not only that, we generally don't recognize that anytime we are trying to Read More

Resolving a Lack of Closure in a Relationship

I often work with clients whose partner left suddenly, and the lack of closure can be challenging. Sandra asks: "I've read that anything that pushes an emotional button in you is a signal that you are operating from a limited perspective. My partner left six months ago for someone else. It still ...

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Articles by Dr. Margaret Paul
Playful Couple

The Power Of Kindness In Relationships

Kill them with kindness...but is it really that easy?

Cooking Together

"I Thought I Was Further Along"--How Your Self-Esteem Affects You

Should a relationship be easier if you have already done healing work?


How do you Make Others Responsible for Your Painful Feelings?

Discover some of the more common ways you may be dumping your feelings onto others.


The Relationship Loop of Control

Do you wonder why you often have the same conflicts over and over?


Resolving a Lack of Closure in a Relationship

Do you feel stuck due to a lack of closure regarding a relationship? Discover how to change this.

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