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What Is Crazymaking?

Have you ever felt confused, immobilized, angry and frustrated at the other end of a conversation and not known why you were feeling this way? The chances are that you were being crazy-made. Crazymaking is not easy to talk about or ...

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Do You Know The Difference Between Caring & Care Taking?

Caring = giving to another from love, for the joy of it - as a free gift Caretaking = giving to get love, giving with an agenda attached, giving yourself up If you tune in to Read More

Avoiding The Line Of Fire In Relationships

How often have you asked a question of or made a statement to a partner, co-worker, friend or relative at a time when you already knew they are angry or withdrawn? Then, when they are predictably angry, closed or ...

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Love and Marriage: Do They Really Go Together?

Do love and marriage really go together like a horse and carriage? For some they do but for many they don't. Why not? Why does love seem to die away in so many marriages? At the beginning of most relationships ...

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Relationship Deal-Breakers

In the many years that I have been counseling couples, I have discovered that there are only a few issues that are true relationship deal-breakers. Many of the issues that tear relationships apart are not actual ...

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Dr. Margaret Paul

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Articles by Dr. Margaret Paul
Unhappy Woman

What Is Crazymaking?

Do you know what crazymaking is? Learn about what it is and what to do about it.

How To Cook

Do You Know The Difference Between Caring & Care Taking?

Do you tell yourself you are being caring when you are fixing? Discover the big difference!

Needy boyfriend

Avoiding The Line Of Fire In Relationships

Do you try to talk with someone when you already know he or she is closed? Consider NOT doing this!


Love and Marriage: Do They Really Go Together?

Has the love that was once there gone out of your marriage? Discover why!

Sad Woman

Relationship Deal-Breakers

Most relationship conflicts are resolved if both people open to learning - some are deal-breakers.

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