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The Myth of Explaining and Defending

"How could you do that?" "Explain yourself, young lady/young man." "Why are you dressed like that?" "Why are you late again?" "What did you do to your hair!" How often did you hear some variation of this when you were growing up? I heard it all the ...

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Talking On and On…and On: The Addiction to Talking

Have you heard this joke? "Do you know the name of the 12-Step program for people who talk too much? On and On Anonymous!" You might not find it funny if you are an incessant talker, or if you find yourself feeling trapped with ...

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Reactivity: Overt and Covert

How do you usually react when someone is blaming you, criticizing or judging you, being irritated with you, yelling at you, withdrawing from you, or resisting you? There are two forms of reaction from the ego ...

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Emotional Abuse: Will He Or She Change?

Sharon emailed me asking me to write an article on covert incest. She was in the process of ending her four-year marriage with her covertly abusive husband, who is emotionally incestuous with his adult daughter. ...

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Safety: Controlling Others or Loving Yourself?

I was having a phone session with Randy. "When I am around most people, I am generally fairly relaxed. But the moment I'm around my mother or Gineen (his wife of 12 years), I get anxious and often angry. ...

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Articles by Dr. Margaret Paul

The Myth of Explaining and Defending

Do you believe that explaining & defending will convince the other person to see things your way?

Oh My

Talking On and On…and On: The Addiction to Talking

Do you have a talking addiction? Or know someone with a talking addiction?

Bad Date

Reactivity: Overt and Covert

How do you react when someone is treating you in a way you don't like?

Sad Dude

Emotional Abuse: Will He Or She Change?

If you're involved in an abusive relationship, read on!

Butting Heads

Safety: Controlling Others or Loving Yourself?

Do you believe that safety comes from having control over getting another's love?

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