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Affection Is Key To Keeping Love Alive

I was walking down the street one day when an elderly couple caught my eye. They were holding hands and still looked at each other with loving affection. The husband even stole a kiss from his "girl" as they walked into the ice cream shop. I was so drawn to the couple that I decided to stop in the ice ...

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Taking Thanksgiving Into Your Relationships

Our brains are designed to focus on what is wrong. It does so in order to keep us safe—in other words, our focus on possible dangers is what keeps us alive. Unfortunately, this design mechanism does not necessarily serve our relationships. Many of the ...

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The Illusion of Control

Have you ever woken up feeling the blues? You know, that feeling of being unsettled, as if you, your life, or your relationships just aren’t matching up to your expectations. You feel like something is askew but you don’t know how to fix things and make them right. You wish you could figure out how ...

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5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Single Status

Our culture puts way too much emphasis on couplehood. There is too much pressure for people to feel obligated to be in a romantic, intimate relationship that will last a lifetime. Personal success, worth, and lovability is associated with romantic relationships. It's as if something is wrong with you or your ...

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Nice Guys Don't Have to Finish Last

Nice has become the new four letter word for many women. They associate “nice” men with having qualities such as boring, passive, and unromantic. I’m not sure how this happened. My guess is that it is part related to how the media portrays “strong” versus “weak” men and ...

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Articles by Julie Orlov
older couple

Affection Is Key To Keeping Love Alive

Kiss your partner. Hug them. Squeeze them. Affection matters.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Taking Thanksgiving Into Your Relationships

Here are 5 ways to show Thanksgiving, love & gratitude every day towards the ones you love.

Have A Little Faith

The Illusion of Control

When you are caught up in the illusion of control, you and your relationships suffer.

couple next step

Nice Guys Don't Have to Finish Last

Understand what nice men have to offer--integrity, compassion, protection, support, passion, & more

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