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The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women - Part 2

In part 1 of this series I talked about the most common reasons why older men seek out younger women (read it ...

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How To Take A Successful Vacation As A Couple

Imagine this scenario. You've waited months for your vacation, you've spent thousands of dollars for your special trip and halfway through your trip you realize you've made a big mistake. What started out as an escape from your busy and stressful life has turned into a complete waste of time and ...

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The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women -Part 1

Have you ever uttered the phrase: "older guys are only interested in younger women"? If you haven't you're either still in high school or God has gifted you with incredible beauty and you get ...

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How I Met My Wife Online

Are you tired of being single? Have you ever considered online dating? I know the very idea of going online looking for love makes you feel like you're a loser. I can understand. If you would have told me when I was in my thirties that I would have ...

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9 Ways To Escape A Bad Date

With Internet dating more prevalent than ever, being able to screen a guy is an essential skill that all single women need. Unfortunately, no matter how skilled you are at screening men, one occasionally flies under your radar and as a result you find yourself in the presence of man that you DON’T WANT TO ...

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Articles by Joe Amoia
sad girl 2

The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women - Part 2

Part two of this series identifies the best way for an older woman to attract a man her age

happy couple on vacation

How To Take A Successful Vacation As A Couple

Managing expectations before a trip helps couples and families keep away stress and disappointment.

woman frustrated 1

The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women -Part 1

This article reveals the real reasons why most older women seek out younger women to date.

couple wedding

How I Met My Wife Online

This article describes how the author, a self proclaimed online dating critic, met his wife online.

9 Ways To Escape A Bad Date

9 cheeky ways to ditch an unwanted date!

Joe Amoia

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