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Do Looks Matter?

Looks. It's one of the most interesting and controversial topics related to relationships. You have those individuals who say looks are very important and you have those who say looks aren't important because "it's what is on the inside that matters." So, who is right? If I have to ...

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Are You Ready To Stop The Insanity?

If you were alive in the 80’s and you were out of diapers you probably remember an infomercial with Susan Powter. Back then Susan was the queen of the infomercial. There wouldn’t be a day that went by where you wouldn’t see her face screaming back at you while yelling “Stop the ...

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The Disney Myth: Why So Many Women Are Misled About True Love

There are over 100 million single adults over the age of 25 in our country, and for most of them, the thought of being single and dating is analogous to having a red hot poker jammed into their eye. Based on my research, most single women dislike dating ...

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The Top 3 Questions Every Woman Must Ask

Have you ever been in a relationship with a guy only to discover months or years down the road that you were not a good fit for each other? Were there questions you had or things you saw that you never addressed? Well, I have found that if you are afraid to ...

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Is Kat Von D Insane?

I think Kat Von. D. is insane. Now before you call the local mental hospital and reserve a bed and a straightjacket for her let me explain myself. Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent men to ever walk the planet said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different ...

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Joe Amoia

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Articles by Joe Amoia
woman mirror image appearance looks face

Do Looks Matter?

We know better than to judge a book by its cover, but doesn't everyone do it anyway?

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Are You Ready To Stop The Insanity?

This article explains why your dating choices may be insane

cinderella prince charming

The Disney Myth: Why So Many Women Are Misled About True Love

How "happily ever after" sets kids up for heartache as adults.


The Top 3 Questions Every Woman Must Ask

This article describes the 3 best questions a woman can ask to find out if a guy is worth her time.

Is Kat Von D Insane?

Kat Von D. and Jesse James are engaged again. Is it love or Insanity that brings them back together?

Joe Amoia

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