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How I Knew My Guy Was Husband Material

In the early years of my dating life, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and I was absolutely sure I was going to get it: a charming, great looking, well-built guy who dressed well, made plenty of money and drove me around to nice places in a nice car. He'd have been a bit of a bad boy in his ...

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Letting Go Of What Could Have Been

Just like we are so hard on ourselves, many of us (myself included) find it all too easy to look back at the past with so many regrets at what we could have done differently in a given situation. While we can always Read More

6 Legit Reasons To Call Off Your Wedding

It's an all-too-common scenario. There you are, still reeling from your whirlwind romance and even more whirlwind wedding planning. The invitations have long been sent out, travel plans made, cake ordered, non-refundable deposits deposited ... when suddenly, you have this nagging, gut feeling that it's ...

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It's Time To Be Selfish

We've all been brought up to be very good little girls, and we've become very well-behaved women. We learned well that we were to put others needs before our own, and not be selfish. And we've done just that, haven't we. We're oh so good at meeting everyone's needs except our own. We ...

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The Importance Of Boundaries In Romantic Relationships

Looking back, I realize how much my inability to set boundaries contributed to my rocky relationship roller coaster ride. And while there are many different ideas about what boundaries are and aren't (and a whole ...

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beach wedding

How I Knew My Guy Was Husband Material

Seven signs that say, "Hey, this one might be a keeper!"


Letting Go Of What Could Have Been

Don't get so caught up in the past, in what could have been, that you miss out on the present.

nervous bride

6 Legit Reasons To Call Off Your Wedding

Having cold feet isn't a good enough reason to call off a wedding. These reasons are.

It's Time To Be Selfish

It's Time To Be Selfish

It's time to break the old patterns of being a doormat, and start living your life.

black man kissing smiling black woman on cheek

The Importance Of Boundaries In Romantic Relationships

Without boundaries, there can be no respect.

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