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Farhana Dhalla, a former master trainer with Dale Carnegie, she trained and developed thousands of people in the aspects of relationship, leadership and public speaking. As a management consultant to Top Fortune 100 companies, an engaging, 'off the cuff' speaker and mom of 3 children, she thought she was well equipped to deal with any unexpected changes.

But all that confidence came to a crashing halt when on a particularly fated Valentine's Day,  her marriage came to an abrupt end.

After licking her wounds, she pulled up her big girl panties and decided to use that experience as her great teacher. Farhana wrote a raw and revealing book about her experience navigating through the terrain of divorce, the de-tangling of what she thought was her life-long relationship, the parenting and co-parenting challenges and the journey of falling in love with herself.  Her book titled "ThankYou for Leaving Me" became an International #1 Best Seller within hours and has been recommended by The Chopra Center, Lisa Nichols and Neale Donald Walsch (of "Conversations with God") as a book that “teaches without preaching. Farhana will meet you where are and take you where you need to go.”

Farhana is the ultimate 'go to' person for shifting perspectives. As the former host of The Masters Gathering, she honed her gift of being able to distill big spiritual concepts into how we actually ‘BE’ day to day including the road rash of the moment. When working with her, expect a shift. A paradigm shift. In fact, expect many.

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