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Facts About Working On Relationships

If you are a "deep thinker", you are always trying to make your relationships better. What could I do better? What could my partner or loved one do better? What dynamics are at play that are not working for us?   Sometimes we ...

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Why You Can't Change The One You Love

Often, I have clients in my office who are constantly trying to force their partners to be exactly what they want them to be. When they do this, they are continually disappointed in the results. They feel wronged by the other person because they aren't getting what they need. Sometimes they ...

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3 Reasons Why Reality Is Better Than Fantasy

A friend asked me recently about his attraction to a woman he knows is in a committed relationship. He thought it wouldn't hurt him to fantasize about her since he doesn't have any other prospects. He also admits he doesn't feel so good about himself since he is (like the rest of us) getting older ...

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6 Ways To Make Online Dating A Little Less Terrifying

The idea of a first blind can be terrifying. You don't know what to expect; you worry about whether or not the person will like you ... not to mention whether or not you'll like him! How should you act? What should you wear? Where should you go? How can you make sure you're safe? I recommend ...

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Online Dating: Writing The Profile

When you look at the millions of profiles on or eHarmony or or any of the websites out there attempting to match you up with the person of your dreams, what do you see? Is there anything in the profile that stands out, that helps you feel as if you can really "see" that ...

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Articles by Gina Schuchman
Fingers Crossed

Facts About Working On Relationships

We can work on ourselves and work on others but still can't always make it so!

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Why You Can't Change The One You Love

How to make a decision when you are hurt by your partner's changes.

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3 Reasons Why Reality Is Better Than Fantasy

Is fantasy fun and harmless or can it stand in your way?

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6 Ways To Make Online Dating A Little Less Terrifying

Set personal boundaries before your first date and other ways to ease the pain of online dating.

Truth Lie Sign

Online Dating: Writing The Profile

Ideas for how to write a profile that might help you cut through some of the bull later on.

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