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Health means something different to each person. What does it mean for you? Together we will explore this question as we assess your health and treat accordingly. Though you may have been living with them your whole life, you are not your symptoms. Your health can improve. The illness, pain or discomfort you’ve been living with does not have to continue. Together we can understand what lies at the root of your symptoms and co-create a personalized wellness plan to return your body to its natural, healthy rhythms.

No matter where you are on your journey to full-body wellness, I’ll meet you there, and support you every step of the way. It is my goal as your naturopathic physician to listen and learn about your unique challenges and goals, along your path to optimal wellness. Your story informs your body, mind, and spirit health, and together we find ways to nourish each facet of your being, working towards balance and health. Your dedication to your health and wellness is truly the best investment you can make.

As a general family-practice physician, I enjoy working with individuals and families, from infants to the young-at-heart, using both naturopathic medicine and craniosacral therapy. I am a mother, and find that working with children and adolescents is particularly enjoyable. Having completed a two-year internship in naturopathic women’s health, I very much enjoy assisting women with their annual exams as well as assessment and treatment for hormonal and gynecological disorders. Complimentary cancer care is a passion of mine, and I find that patients undergoing cancer treatment benefit greatly from gentle naturopathic care and craniosacral therapy.

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I found my way to naturopathic medicine as a young adult, tired of looking for fixes with medications that did not assist me in resolving my health issues. Through compassionate care and a lot of coaching from my naturopathic physician, I was able to achieve the health and balance I had lost and feared would never return. Through my own experience with chronic illness, I have gained insight as to the challenges and fears that many with such illness face. I bring compassion and gentle listening to my appointments, along with insight as to where the root of illness might lie.

Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores

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Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores

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