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10 Habits Of Financially Healthy Couples

Sometimes looking at what smart couples are doing to create "great" situations helps to turn the tides on a "bad" financial situation. Experts Denise Wade and Anne Alexander Vincent weighed in on this topic and offer the following quick tips as a ...

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What Every Man Wants Every Woman To Know - Part II

Many women ask me why they have to be the one in the relationship to be flexible, be the one to have to stroke the guy’s ego to cultivate change. Women were designed to adapt, it’s the maternal instinct we were born with. It is not easy, but I can almost guarantee you that to experience a shift ...

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Marrying Under The Influence

                                       A recent survey indicated that two thirds of all divorces are initiated by the ...

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The Art Of Discussing Sex

  If there was a manual for discussing sexual fulfillment between committed couples it would read:                                   Sex. ...

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Barbie and Ken's Flawed Paradise

Barbie jumped from the scale, 0% body fat, 5’10” and 110 lbs. “Perfect,” the research and development team at Perfect People said. “She is the perfect genetic gene pool. Now introduce her to Ken.” “After all,” the engineer offered, “A man always ...

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Denise Wade

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Anger Management

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Couples/Marital Issues

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6-10 years

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Couple counting coins

10 Habits Of Financially Healthy Couples

Tips for taking your relationship's money health out of the red.

couple next step

What Every Man Wants Every Woman To Know - Part II

Gender education helps women gain greater awareness of men's needs and leads to happier relationship

break up

Marrying Under The Influence

Ever wonder if you picked the right partner? Gender differences play a big role.

couple frustrated

The Art Of Discussing Sex

Discussing our intimate needs with our partner requires more than talk, it requires trust.

couple wedding

Barbie and Ken's Flawed Paradise

Men are hardwired / Women's software is downloaded

Denise Wade

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Anger Management, Communication Problems, Couples/Marital Issues, Divorce/Divorce Prevention