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Thanks for stopping by.  When I started this blog in 2009, I was married.  The marriage had been super challenged by some hard circumstances yet I was truly hopeful that we would work it out.  In true Snow White fashion, I high hoed, high hoed and tried my ass off to make it work.  I did not want to be divorced…again.

Things deteriorated and I had to acknowledge the writing on the wall.  By 2011, any love he had for me was long gone and he made it very clear he would like for me to be gone.  I had no money and no way to support myself.  It took me 3 years to leave him.  It was a very tough time.   It seemed to be taking forever at the time,  but now looking back, it seems like the blink of an eye.

I am renting a room from a good woman who is starting her life over too.  We have much in common and enjoy one another’s company.  We have a third roommate who is younger and a student.  She is sweet and we two older ones are trying not to corrupt her with our battle stories of love gone wrong.

I am working in Customer Service at a start up and am very grateful to be able to support myself and be out on my own.  This Snow White has learned some of what comes naturally to Rapunzel and Scarlett.  I am much more assertive than I ever have been and while it is a little scary and makes my heart pound like crazy, people are taking advantage of me less and less often.  Dr. Phil is so right when he says that we teach others how to treat us.



The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

For me, divorce was a welcome relief and my breakup pain came years earlier when the man I thought loved me, turned cold and distant.  I am happy being single but remember so clearly the deep disappointment I have been going through.  I look forward to writing about breakups and actually using a breakup to launch yourself toward new love.  Emotional pain sucks but it is excruciating when you don’t allow it to flow up and out of you…once and for all.  You must evict your ex from your thoughts, your mind and your heart.  It is the only way to find new love.

I celebrate my freedom by sharing what I have learned about why we pick the wrong men and how to stop doing that.

Success Stories

Finally, My Self Esteem Is Soaring!

Hi Catherine,

I love telling you how my situation with men is at the present time :-)  I have leaped another level and love it and I am so deeply grateful. :-)  Its wonderful!  The shift is that since the Saboteur Summit 5 Week Class, with my commitment and my wonderful self, I am falling totally in love with my self and all that is me. I see and look only for the good that is in me, my self esteem is higher and my heart gives and receives love:-).  Thank you Catherine :-)

I have had three delighted dates with an awsome man !!  I am so grateful and so enjoyed the wonderful making out(kisses), wonderful laughs, wonderful conversations, wonderful relaxed and steady sexy body and wonderful hands :-) OMG  I am privileged, loved and blessed :-)


Again thank you Catherine, thank you for being you :-)


Janita :-) from Norway

I Never Thought Dating Could Actually Be FUN!

"OMG I just had the BEST date, Catherine, I felt so confident and happy.  We had great conversation, and he complimented me a lot during the date.  It was so much fun.  The Best part of the date for me was that I do not even care if he calls again.  I liked him and yes if he asked I would go out again, but either way will be great, I had fun WOW what a concept I had fun and it needn't be anything more than that.  I had the feeling of, if it were to work out great if not that is fine too.  I just felt so confident in who I was It was shocking to me.  In the past I was so desperate to "BE" with someone that even if it wasn't a fit I wanted them to call back, not only wanted them to call back.  I NEEDED them to call back.  I do not feel that way at all.   I have another date with another guy on Saturday and I am excited about that too.  I know that I am a great catch and when it is right it will be right   WOOO HOOOO FOR CATHERINE & ME"                             Thanks for everything!  Jeanice

Together At Last

"I thought I would send a message to catch up with you.  Can you believe it has been a year now since our VIP Virtual Retreat???! So many things have happened and I am so proud of all the accomplishments that we both have had lol. I have not gotten that proposal yet but I have many rings on my fingers from Mike and many happy memories and more to come. We learn new things about each other every day. On Halloween eve we moved back into my house and officially started our life together...meaning he moved his stuff and changed his permanent address. I have traveled so much this year and have 3 more trips before the end of the year to take...WOW. Started a new volunteer coordinator job(not paid) that is the thing I have to put out there better. This year has been so wonderful what more can be in store ?? I can't wait to find out."                                                                                  Love, Elise

Learning To Trust Again

"I sense a difference in myself - a little more relaxed about things, confident in my needs in the relationship.  I also feel like I'm more compassionate and able to be thankful for all the wonderful things in my partner but also understand that he's human and things won't always be rosey. The natural ebbs and flows of life are okay and don't need to affect the relationship as long as the relationship has a strong foundation.  Right now I feel that my boyfriend and I are building a great foundation and seem to be dealing with life's ups and downs pretty well together.  I feel pretty good about this one! :-)"           Kerry


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