6 Ways To Beat Post-Vacation Blues

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How to make the vacation high last long after you've unpacked

* Create a sacred space inside your home where you can retreat to clear your head or have intimate time together. It's important to keep the space beautiful and tidy, with no clutter—remember that etymologically, “vacate” derives from the Latin “to be empty.” It's only a vacation when you leave your cares behind. If you anoint your sacred space with that intention, it'll be an on-site sanctuary, your special care-free zone, that's ready to receive you whenever you feel the urge.

4. Continue to try new things.
You can continually "vacate" your mental space by creating time and putting forth effort for new experiences. When you're on vacation, you are bombarded with unfamiliar impressions and information; all of which really get the synapses firing. Unfortunately, all too often when we return home, our old routines creep in and the newness disappears into a memory. This doesn't have to happen. You can import some of that foreign vacation experience into your daily lives: Take up a language class, cooking, yoga or other experiential class to teach both your mind and body something new.

5. Take a mini-vacation.
Finally, you can reconnect with your feelings, sensations and mindset from vacation by planning mini-vacations on a regular basis. These don't have to take up a lot of time or money, the effect can be created when you put forth the effort to recreate something powerful from a trip you loved. Watching a documentary about your favorite destination, eating food from your favorite part of the world, visiting an embassy, museum, restaurant or film that takes you back to a place you grew to love can help to reconnect you with the state of mind you were in when you returned. Similarly, revising photographs, reading journals or other memorabilia created from your trip can help as well.

6. Plan your next vacation!
Nothing helps beat the post-vacation blues like starting to look forward to and plan your next adventure, whether it's a local day trip or a two-week foreign excursion. European Vacation: Relationship Ender?

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