Battle Of The Sexes: Can Women Really Date "Like Men"?

Battle Of The Sexes: Can Women Really Date "Like Men"?

If you are tired of the negative connotations that come along with playing the field, get in line. Whether it's from our favorite romantic comedies or the media, we've heard for centuries that women crave commitment. But is it possible for modern women to enjoy the chase as much as men? YourTango ...

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You Can't Change Your Husband So Stop Being A Control Freak

You Can't Change Your Husband So Stop Being A Control Freak

Maybe the media blows it out of proportion, but it seems like we often spend a lot of time trying to change others around us. After all, the nagging wife and mother has become a cultural stereotype that isn't hard to spot in many popular TV shows and films. We might even think that's how we're ...

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What Topics Should You Never Discuss On The First Date?

What Topics Should You Never Discuss On The First Date?

You're on a first date and the guy asks you why you got divorced. Do you tell him the entire story, which lasts forty minutes, or do you brush it off and re-focus the attention on the present? If you tell the entire store, you're doing dating wrong.  YourTango Experts Senior VP Read More

Stop Being A Pushover!

Stop Being A Pushover!

We know it's bad for us, but for some reason we just can't help it: we're a culture of people-pleasers! Do you ever feel like you're saying yes to everyone... except yourself? Relationship experts Jen Duchene, Read More

Are You Guilty Of The 'Baggage Dump'?

Are You Guilty Of The 'Baggage Dump'?

Can you ever really get over your old baggage before entering a new relationship? Should we expect our soulmates to complete us? In a new video, YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman discusses this topic with relationship and dating experts Read More

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