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Can Watching Porn Actually Save Your Relationship?

Can Watching Porn Actually Save Your Relationship?

We've all heard about porn wrecking relationships but can it ever help them? From the secrets that come from the fear of being shamed to porn addiction, is it really possible that watching porn could actually lead to a healthy sex life? YourTango Experts Read More

How Will My Marriage Change After Having A Baby?

How Will My Marriage Change After Having A Baby?

It goes without saying that having a baby is a big deal. When you raise a child with your partner, it can instantly strengthen the bond that you share. But there may be hidden stresses that will surface later and greatly affect your marriage. Parenting expert Read More

Am I Really Ready For A Relationship?

Am I Really Ready For A Relationship?

Even though your palms are sweating and it's getting harder to speak, you've finally mustered up the courage to confront the cute guy that you've been crushing on for months. It's almost as if time stops for those first few seconds after you push your nerves aside and just tell him how you feel; ...

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Can I Be A Mom And Still Be Me?

Can I Be A Mom And Still Be Me?

Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in being the perfect mom and wife that you end up feeling as if you are losing yourself? How can you maintain your identity and still help your family thrive?  In this video, Relationship expert Read More

Is Cheating Just Inevitable?

Is Cheating Just Inevitable?

We all remember when Cameron Diaz's comments on infidelity and the idea that every person will be cheated on at some point in their life ...

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After A Breakup, What Happens To Unconditional Love?

After A Breakup, What Happens To Unconditional Love?

Will your breakup stifle or nurture your evolution of how you love?

Affection & Intimacy In Dating & In Relationships

Can You Place Conditions On Love?

Can love really be unconditional? Ideally, yes; practically, no.

Love: The Benefits of Unconditional Love In Your Relationship

The Awesome Benefits Of Unconditional Love For You & Your Lover

So you think unconditional love isn't for you? Read on to see why you should reconsider.

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