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Los Angeles, CA
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“Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy – it’s an invisible energy with visible effects. “ Marianne Williamson

About Me

Sherri Nickols is an award-winning author, motivational speaker and relationship/women's empowerment coach. Known as a Sparkling Mojo Specialist for more than ten years, she helps career-driven female professionals and “Super Moms” from around the globe get their sparkle on, teaching them how to balance their masculine and feminine sides and inspiring them to unearth and own the diamond in them (their true Divine essence) and create the romantic adventure often missing in their lives.

Understanding that most relationships go south when couples stop having fun together - she successfully coaches women to unravel the communication issues and limiting beliefs that keep them from living in their playful feminine spirit.

Sherri developed her message into a fully branded and market-tested line of coaching packages and products. And she’s successfully sold the Sparkle concept in real-world settings for more than five years. Her thousands of participants, clients and followers prove this concept is a winner.

The  courses, and coaching empower and inspire women to live with pleasure and passion - create intimate connections with their lovers and discover new levels of self-fulfillment—as well as deepen bonds with girlfriends.

Her community provides a safe haven for women to get support and discover/develop their inner feminine essence. Today, Nickols is the focal point of a national movement of women who want to recapture their feminine strengths while re-establishing the love, intimacy, playfulness and connection in all of their relationships.

Not surprisingly, this movement is growing. And Sherri is at the forefront of it. At the beginning of 2012 she will be relaunching her weekly radio show, Sexy and Sparkling. Her website, offers tips and successful strategies to get your sparkle on! Sherri teaches a Tele-Playshop, 5-Weeks to Discover Your Playful Sexy Self!, with an online support group just for her circle of Playful Goddess Circle.

She’s the leading expert behind Facebook’s popular relationship group, Unleash Yourself’s Passport to Romantic Adventures - a Sisterhood Network of connection, support and inspiration. Nickols is also a lively talk-show guest and has appeared repeatedly on local television including on such shows as CBS KCAL9,  The View from the Bay, Good Morning San Diego and San Diego Living. She will be holding retreats and workshops, telecourses and a continuity program around The SPARKLE System introduced in her newly released book, Sexy and Sparkling after 40.

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

After her 13 year relationship ended she realized in trying to do it all she had lost it all. By living largely in her masculine "doing" energy rather than her feminine "being" energy her marriage had crumbled. Her journey to discover and own her divine feminine power involved some emotional risk taking and the support of her sensational friends. She devoted herself to exploring what brought her pleasure, practiced yoga, traveled extensively and studied with motivational luminaries. In less than a year she was transformed and in a new relationship that led her to develop and apply a concept called “Romance-Capades,” in her own life. With huge interest from her married friends to use this concept to keep their relationships fresh and exciting Sherri's company, Unleash Your Inner Sparkle, was born. Realizing how easy it is for a woman to get derailed in the process of striving to attain success - she is passionate about helping women remember who they are at their core, how to bring excitement and fun back into their lives as well as teach them how to feel sexy at any age!

Success Stories

Having fun=loving life again!

My free Friday calls focus on inspiration and vibrancy for my goddess community - here's what one woman had to say...

" Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Fridays are the best, One of the Friday’s I was having an absolutely horrible day and I was not sure what the best option was. I knew we had the call with Sherri however I did not want to deal with it because of my attitude. Well we all know when we have excuses not to play it means we need to, so I called in and all I can say is thank you Sherri after a few minutes of letting the day go and playing with you on the call I ended my day empowered and loving life again. Sometimes we need the extra boost and thank you Sherri for offering a platform where we can have fun!"

Robin Hardy

Now my marriage is sizzling and I'm living a Goddess life!

Crystal was in a marriage crisis when she came to me and had a strong desire to get her relationship back on's what she has to say about how my course and coaching helped her do that...

"The Playful, Sexy Self TelePlayshop and Abundance of Resources delivered through Sherri Nickols are PHENOMENAL!!! I came to the teleplayshop because my life – especially my love life – had been lived mostly in my head. This was causing my marriage to crash, my relationships with friends, family, and colleagues to be distant, and my life's passion to stay just beyond my reach… and I wasn't having much fun either!

After taking Sherri's course and just three coaching sessions (including her complimentary session)… I am living a more fun-filled, Goddess life… while taking each step, day-by-day to be my best self and live in the abundance of my life's purpose. Now my marriage is sizzling, relationships with friends, family, and colleagues are warm-hearted, and I have started my own business. I heartily recommend Sherri's services and to all of my friends and colleagues that seek to live life fully!

Thank you Sherri... you are truly a blessing to my life and to all those that you touch with your sparkling charm!

Crystal Davis Blaniar
Crystal Clear Solutions, West Virginia

How Mama got her sparkle back!

Karyn was a client who felt she had lost her sparkle and wanted to get the pizazz back in her's what she says about how her life changed:

"I recently completed Sherri's course: Discover How to Find & Own Your Playful Sexy Self and all I can say is YES I DID!!! To all my goddess-sisters out there, here's my advice: TAKE THIS COURSE!!

I can honestly say you will get way more than your money's worth. Sherri is a world class teacher. She presents information in a user friendly, easy to understand format. She also provides vast amounts of additional resources and best of all .... it's FUN!!!

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, I'd lost my sparkle and forgotten how to play and have fun. You know that old saying, "if mama ain't happy than nobody's happy"? Well, Thanks to Sherri and this course, everybody around here is veerrrryyyy happy!"

Karyn Collins
San Antontio

I feel Sexy and Sensual Again!

"I gained a better understanding of how many times a day I am negative and how much it pulls me down...That it only affects me and I am my best or worst friend...That positive thoughts keep me moving forward and not backwards...That being forgiving is part of God's plan and none of us are perfect nor should we be...All of us are flawed and that is just fine...You helped me see just how much time is wasted and there is no time to waste in this life....I deserve to treat myself the very best.Thank you....."

Carrie from California

Main SpecialtyEmpowering Women
Life Transitions
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Dating Coach
Divorce Coach
Life Coach
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