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Why Can't We Have It All (And Should We Just Stop Trying)?

Why Can't We Have It All (And Should We Just Stop Trying)?

Our personal worth is often defined by career success, but women these days are expected to climb the corporate ladder while maintaining fabulous personal relationships and family life. It can be completely exhausting. Relationship experts Debi ...

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Relationship Coach: Is A Little Jealousy So Wrong?

Relationship Coach: Is A Little Jealousy So Wrong?

Jealousy never feels good — but is it really all that bad? Some people think it helps keep the spark alive, but it might also point to a potential deeper issue that needs to be addressed within a partnership. In a new video, relationship experts Read More

Adultery: What's The Key To Forgiveness?

Adultery: What's The Key To Forgiveness?

If your spouse has had an affair, you may feel that you can never forgive him. However, holding onto a grudge can fill you with toxic emotions that are harmful to your recovery and healing. ...

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Are You Perpetually Single?

Are You Perpetually Single?

Why do some people stay single? Is it because there are no available men (or women!), or does the reason go a little deeper? Our past relationships, fear of rejection and insecurities could be stopping us from finding lasting love. Relationship experts Read More

What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

Are we biologically equipped to spend our lives with one person? Is monogamy even realistic?  Our changing culture and values (not to mention longer lifespans!) are making a Read More

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Articles by Debi Berndt
Always Getting Rejected? 3 Ways To Love Yourself Anyway

Always Getting Rejected? 3 Ways To Love Yourself Anyway

Defining yourself by others isn't going to make you feel good about yourself!

Healthy Relationships: Leave Behind Bad Relationship Behavior

Quit The Blame Game & Ditch Bad Relationship Behaviors For Good

Leave the drama in the past … where it belongs!

Commitment: To Find Love You Must Not Be Afraid Of It

Pop Your Comfort Bubble & Open Up To Love

Are you afraid of being alone or afraid of being loved?

Are You Ready For Commitment?

The Real Reason You Haven't Found Your Perfect Partner

Your actions show how much you really want love.

Relationship Expert: Are You Too Old For Love?

You're Never Too Old For True Love!

Afraid you're too old for love? Find out how to let go of deadlines.

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Let Love In: Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner
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