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We all have wanted things -- relationships, education, work, freedom, material objects. Some of those things we've gotten, and some we have yet to obtain. Some things we doubt we can ever attain, ...

About Me

Bet MacArthur MSW BCD is a seasoned and fearless therapist and coach, writer and business consultant. She is a recipient of the 2008 Peace and Justice Award given by the City of Cambridge MA, and is known by clients and friends to be warm, enthusiastic, respectful and spiritual. She is Clinical Director at Arena Group Coaching, past Director of Emergency and Admissions at an inner-city state hospital in Boston, and past Chair of her city's Commission for Persons with Disabilities. She is also past Chair of the Referral Service Commission for the MA Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, where she now writes a monthly clinical column for "Social work FOCUS" newspaper. In her consulting career she has been helpful to business clients in consumer product development, public communications, and marketing. She currently is public communications chair for a clinical professionals' society, and is guiding another clinical training institute in growing a membership organization for its community. In college, Bet was trained in writing, art, and the philosophy of science; before she entered consulting and human services, she did architectural research, and was a housing rehab evaluator. She has lived parts of her life in New York City and in tropical jungle villages. Today in her personal life, Bet is an artist, athlete, and parent. In 2002, she rode horseback across Scotland, and in 1999-2005 worked seasonally as a cowboy in Utah and Colorado.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Bet was trained to observe, listen, interpret, reflect, and create community. These skills have fit in quite naturally to peoples' needs both in social service and business settings. Using a variety of ways of knowing, thinking, and perceiving, she can draw on peoples' own truth to stimulate their own discovery and wisdom. Working with people in the path from suffering or mystery to peace and wisdom, from fear to confidence, is a never ending joy.

Success Stories

Using decision-making models with couples facing major life decisions

Many couples live together succesfully for years making hundreds of routine decisions, even big ones, successfully together. But sometimes a more complex decision set enters the picture, and then the work of balancing all that's at stake can challenge even a strong love relationship.

        "Choice theory" has proven that different kinds of decisions require different approaches, and has developed a number of systmatic models suitable to the many types of decisions couples face. Couples unable to settle easily on where to move, whether to rent or buy a home, whether to have kids, whether to go into business together, or other similar types of decisions usually enjoy informed counseling that helps them explore the "decision field." They learn to dentify what kinds of decision-making tools might be most relevant and helpful, and then to make trustworthy decisions they can build on.

        Some couples face qualitaitive decisions, such as when marrying across religious, cultural or ethnic boundaries, or when planning marriage where one or both partners live with significant disability. Values clarification and a systematic exploration of differences in beliefs about simple things like time, space, what is natural, and the proper roles of authority and leadership can provide a firm foundaation on which to help the relationship grow and strengthen.

Main SpecialtyEmpowering Women
Life Management
CredentialsACSW, BCD, LICSW, MSW
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
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