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I have truly lived a life of wonderfully diverse experiences which have offered me lessons on joy, pain, love, forgiveness and compassion.

In the end, it has all been about my powerful journey inside my own HEART.

I see the incredible possibilties that Spirit is prepared to unfold in our lives one we SURRENDER and TRUST our unique gifts and passions.

Ultimately, I do HEART WORK.

I consider myself a LOVING MIRROR that reflects how love looks back at each client and asks difficult but powerful questions that allows them to reveal their own SPLENDOR.

I allow my heart to speak from my core and this has allowed me to become an effective coach, mentor, leader, teacher, speaker, guide and human.

I am PASSIONATE and GRATEFUL for my presence on this planet and I know deep down that none of us came here to live an ORDINARY LIFE!

Blessings to you for being attracted to this site to reveal your HIGHEST SELF!

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I love life and have been blessed to spark both enthusiasm (enthios - GOD in ME) and inspiration (SPIRIT brought inside us) in the lives and awareness of others.

I love planting seeds and offering people the tools with which to nurture, grow and harvest their HIGHEST SELF.

Happiness and Joy are our God-given gifts..I choose to open these gifts every day and share my PRESENCE to allow them to find their own SPARK OF DIVINITY.


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Between $81-120 per session

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