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Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Dream Interpreter, Healer, Channel, Ascension Teacher, Ordained Minister, Workshop Facilitator and Lecturer. There are only two emotions in the universe: love and fear. All other emotions are a mixture of these two in various strengths. Love is infinite, endless, purposeful and is the great unifier. It is the bonding agent that heals and gives meaning to everything. Fear creates fragmentation, lack, restrictions and blockages. The end result of fear is division, separation and lack in all aspects of life. What would your life look like without fear? What would you do if you could overcome your fears? Would you change jobs? Write that book that you have been meaning to? Travel around the world? Have another child? Start your own business? End the relationship that you are in or allow yourself to find an equal partner that will become a true life companion? With life development and spiritual coaching you can lead a life empty of fear where you can manifest your innermost dreams and desires. Become the master of your destiny and not the victim of circumstances. Be in charge of your will and personal power as you eliminate fear and bring the nullifying power of love to heal all aspects of your life. Be at peak performance in everything that you do. Be authentic and truthful to others and more importantly to self. Be spiritually connected to Source and your Creator and fulfill your divine purpose.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Pierre R. Dubois grew up on the Caribbean Island of Haiti and was raised by a single middle-class mother who imparted him with a great thirst for knowledge. He applied himself and learned the scientific method of western culture and excelled at it, but the reality of the indigenous culture of the Island was always disproving the book learned scientific method. Thus, early on, Pierre wanted to explain in a scientific manner the magic that he was witnessing around him. This led him on a life-long journey that has brought him to the USA where he graduated with 2 degrees from Columbia University. He is trained as an architect and has practiced architecture, but Pierre’s journey has never stopped. Pierre is also a non-denominational ordained minister. He has studied all world religions, belief systems and spiritual movements, has traveled extensively and has kept an open mind while observing the human spirit. In doing so, he has discovered that whether you are in Sydney, Bangalore or Atlanta, we all ultimately want and desire the same thing: to find love, to fulfill one’s purpose, to leave a positive footprint behind, and to merge back with the primordial source of all. We may call it different things, but the desire is the same.

Because of his non-judgmental observation of the human condition, Pierre is a great and insightful listener, counselor and coach, which he has been doing for the past six years. At this point in his life, Pierre is stepping up to share with others the serenity, purposefulness and peace of mind he has acquired. You can only keep what you are willing to give away, and he is willing to give his all so that you can accomplish your all.

Pierre R. Dubois

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Pierre R. Dubois

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