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11200 West Tennessee Court
Lakewood, CO
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I Believe

Life is a journey, and each journey begins with one step. Let the journey, not the destination, transform you and be the measure of your life. As your Life Coach, I am committed to the value of ...

About Me

After living many previous lives in various corporate climates, I was finally reborn to my life's calling of Life Coaching. I also spend free time (when I have it) doint "artsy" things, but my first love is connecting with people. "How can I help you reach your goal?" is my mantra. I am intrigued and excited by the complexity and diversity of the human spirit. I have traveled extensively and am very respectful of and honor cultural differences and how they play into relationships, communication and values.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I became a Life Coach to fulfill my life purpose, and with an appreciation of the richness that brings to my life am committed to assisting others in finding theirs. I have learned that having the freedom to pursue my life's love is grounded by the foundation of solid relationships in my life. That is key.
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