“...'Til Death Do Us Part”


“...'Til Death Do Us Part”
Getting real with your vows can save your marriage and transform your life.

Get over it, the dream that your marriage was and may not resemble today. You're adults. Strap yourselves in. The wedding cake is the last perfect thing you'll have in your marriage. It's going to be a bumpy ride and if you both wake up to the responsibility and to the opportunity, the sky is the limit for you! The growth opportunity available in your marriage is endless.

If you see this for yourself, then every morning look over and choose her, choose him as the person you're willing to learn from, to grow and partner with and to do whatever it takes to be your word, no matter what happens.

Talk to your spouse, your fiance, your life partner. Have a conversation about this today, are you honoring your vows? You certainly don't have to, but I think we have an idea about how that will turn out.

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