Getting Your Relationship In Shape


Getting Your Relationship In Shape
The best muscles to work out in our relationships are above the neckline.

Rather than describe how it has gone in the past, transform using declarations. Many times, we simply attempt to manage or modify the situation. The “situation” or thought still exists. As humans, we were given a really powerful took called imagination. As kids, we use it to be creative. As adults we use it to worry. Practice using your imagination again and declare what you will create. Once you create a declaration, a brand new future is created. An important component to a declaration is that someone else hears it so please share your declarations.



I want to distinguish support. The muscle you will benefit from most is to seek support of the higher vision of you and your relationship. Often, people seek support to simply cope with or manage the problems. An additional muscle here is to not do it alone. When left alone, it is very easy to slide right back into the old way of being and doing in your relationships. HIRE a trainer or coach to support your higher vision.

I declare 2012 the year of relationships! Let’s put happy couples on the cover of every magazine. Let’s put individuals who want to lead others into their own greatness everywhere. Let us all begin practicing being citizens of this world and contribute. When you take responsibility for YOUR shaping of YOUR relationship experience, everyone else can begin taking responsibility for their own. That is what I call a WIN WIN.

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