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921A N. Bethlehem Pike
Spring House, PA
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Works with individuals, couples, and families in their journey towards wholeness and wellness in acquiring the skills and tools needed to become empowered for an enhanced quality of life. ...

About Me

Dr. Peggy Vertreace is a senior staff marriage and family therapist at Council for Relationships, who works with individuals, couples, and families desiring healing, growth, and wholeness in their lives and relationships. Specific areas of interest addressed by Peggy with her clients include: effective communication, relationship enhancement, grief/loss, infidelity, divorce prevention, pre-marital counseling, intimacy, and religious/spiritual concerns. In addition to her couples' work, Peggy makes use of family of origin issues, cognitive behavioral therapy, and stress management techniques in assisting clients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in addressing anxiety producing thoughts, which may manifest in physical pain or other IBS related symptoms without the use of medication. As a licensed Baptist minister, Dr. Vertreace is able to incorporate the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit into her systemic clinical approach, which allows clients the option to have a spiritual component in their therapeutic process regarding issues of forgiveness, marriage as covenant, and specific concerns associated with clergy leadership marriages.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My journey into the helping profession began when I was a second grade teacher. I discovered that, during parent-teacher conferences, many of the parents were overcome with the challenges of family life and personal relationship issues, while attempting to provide quality time to the educational needs of their children. It became clear that these families needed help beyond the classroom setting. After much thought, I decided to obtain the necessary clinical counseling skills, which could also be incorporated into my teaching background. By doing so, I became more equipped to help empower individuals, couples, and families in proactively addressing their concerns on a deeper level - a level of positive change for an enhanced quality of life. As a marriage and family therapist, I consider it an honor and privilege to be invited by my clients on their journey to wellness and wholeness. It also gives me great pleasure to be able to reach out to others in various community and church settings through speaking engagements, workshops, marriage ministries, and seminars.
Main SpecialtyAnxiety Issues
Couples/Marital Issues
Divorce/Divorce Prevention
CredentialsDMin, MA, MFT
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inMy state/province only
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I offer my servicesAt my office
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