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War Of Words: What's The Difference Between Intimacy & Sexuality?

War Of Words: What's The Difference Between Intimacy & Sexuality?

Relationships are confusing enough and the terms we correlate with them only add to the confusion. Two terms we often mistake for one another are sexuality and intimacy. While they may seem to go hand in hand, in reality these terms are both very different. Relationship experts Read More

Did Your Parents' Divorce Scar You For Life?

Did Your Parents' Divorce Scar You For Life?

If you're the child of divorced parents, you may have wondered how their relationship breakdown affected your outlook on love and relationships. Does a parents' divorce make you unlucky in marriage later on? What can you do to have a lasting relationship? In a new video, relationship experts Read More

What's The Real Deal With Porn & Your Relationship?

What's The Real Deal With Porn & Your Relationship?

The use of porn in romantic relationships is a hot-button issue. We all know that excessive porn use can harm your relationship, but can some porn actually help bring you closer? Is there a difference between erotica and porn? In a new ...

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Why You Really Need To Delete Your Ex

Why You Really Need To Delete Your Ex

Have you ever been tempted to check your ex's Facebook profile? Does your spouse maintain contact with their old flames on Twitter?  If the answer to all of these questions is yes, a serious issue may be at hand. YourTango Senior VP of Experts Read More

Does Compatibility Even Matter?

Does Compatibility Even Matter?

Love at first sight doesn't always translate into a lasting love affair. Couples may discover later that they differ in everything from their energy level to their core values.  Relationship experts Larry Michel, Read More

Mary Kay Cocharo

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Sexting, Technology & Marriage Challenges

Is Technology Splitting Your Marriage Apart?

Are new developments in technology driving a wedge between you and your partner?

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New Partner? What To Consider Before You Have Sex

Don't want to have sex with the wrong person? Ask these questions first!


3 Steps To Overcome Sex Addiction

Develop respect for yourself while maintaining a healthy sexual relationship!

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It's National Singles Week! There's no better time to get back in the dating game!


3 Secrets to a Long, Happy Marriage

Couple celebrates 80 years of marriage. What's their secret?

Mary Kay Cocharo

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