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How Will My Marriage Change After Having A Baby?

How Will My Marriage Change After Having A Baby?

It goes without saying that having a baby is a big deal. When you raise a child with your partner, it can instantly strengthen the bond that you share. But there may be hidden stresses that will surface later and greatly affect your marriage. Parenting expert Read More

How Do I Know I'm Ready For A Relationship?

How Do I Know I'm Ready For A Relationship?

So you've finally mustered up the courage to talk to that person that you've been crushing on for months. Now that you're ready to take it a step further, you feel your nerves suddenly taking over. Falling for someone is the easy part; knowing whether you are actually ready for a relationship can be ...

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How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?

How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?

From the floating butterflies in your stomach to your sweaty palms, falling for someone new is a universal experience. Because of this, it's only natural to want to help your children put their best foot forward when it comes to confronting their crush. But what do you do when the heart racing feeling ...

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It Really Is You: How You Sabotage Your Relationship

It Really Is You: How You Sabotage Your Relationship

Do you have crazy trust issues? When you're out on a date with your partner, does he often get whiplash from your mood swings? If you find that you are constantly being visited by the green eyed monster, it's more than possible that you are playing a hand in wrecking your own ...

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Can Sex Really Be Meaningless?

Can Sex Really Be Meaningless?

Whether you're single, dating or married, sex likely plays a huge role in your life and relationship. We know sex to be an intimate activity but the way it is percieved differs for each person. For instance, you either feel connected through sex or use sex to feel connected. But is it possible to have sex ...

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