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Is Marriage Better For Men Or Women?

Is Marriage Better For Men Or Women?

When it comes to marriage, the running joke is that all women want to get married and all men dream of being bachelors forever. While there may be some truth that men enjoy the freedom of being single, the fact remains that there are a variety of benefits to being married. Or rather, happily ...

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Are All Relationships Destined To Get Boring?

Are All Relationships Destined To Get Boring?

Is it possible to have a long-term love affair where the passion is as intense as when it first began? Yes, but many couples don't have the skills necessary to sustain this type of passion in their relationships. It was easy in the beginining because it's new and an excess of dopamine flooded the brain. ...

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Why Can't We Have It All (And Should We Just Stop Trying)?

Why Can't We Have It All (And Should We Just Stop Trying)?

Our personal worth is often defined by career success, but women these days are expected to climb the corporate ladder while maintaining fabulous personal relationships and family life. It can be completely exhausting. Relationship experts Debi ...

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Adultery: What's The Key To Forgiveness?

Adultery: What's The Key To Forgiveness?

If your spouse has had an affair, you may feel that you can never forgive him. However, holding onto a grudge can fill you with toxic emotions that are harmful to your recovery and healing. ...

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What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

Are we biologically equipped to spend our lives with one person? Is monogamy even realistic?  Our changing culture and values (not to mention longer lifespans!) are making a Read More

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Mars Venus Q&A: Brother's Keeper

Mars Venus Q&A: Brother's Keeper

Dear John, My brother, who is 28, is dating a woman that some in our family do not like, ...

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Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship
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