My quest is to change the way we look at love and relationships, to help people create amazing love in their life.  Starting with themselves.


Yup, I am an overachiever.

I have been coaching single men and women from San Diego to Singapore since 2007. I am a professionally certified coach through the International Coach Academy and a member of the International Coaching Federation.  I have been a source and contributor  for Huffington Post, USA Today, Your Tango, Yahoo Shine, Chicago Tribune, The Frisky and Divine Caroline.  In 2010, I created the blog to give Gen Y healthy dating/relationship advice and have become a national college speaker on the subject of dating with technology.

Job: Spunky Life Coach specializing in Gen X and Y Singles/Troop Leader of Love


Location: Madison, WI

Coolest Job (besides life coach):  5 years running activities on cruise ships.  Can you say Julie McCoy?


Things I adore: Italy, sushi, all things 80s, witty banter, the ocean, my Mac, red wine, When Harry Met Sally, good indie music, coffee, men with yummy accents, funyuns, Masterpiece Theatre, my cat Leroy.

Favorite Quote:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Everybody has a skills set. The stuff that they were born with and is so easy for them they barely notice it. Mine is that I see people and situations more clearly than most. That I can see potential where others have given up.   Look into the nooks and crannies to see where you are holding yourself back and shift your perspective to feel happier and lighter about the confusing world of love and dating.  Give you that gentle nudge to get out of your comfort zone and create amazing relationships.  Most importantly, having fun through the entire journey.  Isn’t that the point of love and life anyway?

Now let’s get out there and get you some love.

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Are you kidding me right now, people????


Listen, I know I am not the only one looking around at what is going on with love and relationships right now and saying, ‘something just ain’t right’. The disappointments, frustrations, expectations, divorces, hurt, anger, fear, loneliness.  Finding a working, healthy relationship is almost unheard of.  You can probably name more break-ups, divorces, unhappy relationships than people who are getting it right.

So here is my question to you.  Are we going to do something about it or just keep drinking too much wine as we bitch to our friends?


As a life coach, I am mostly sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns but somebody has to start talking some hard-core truths around here.   Your family and friends, bless their cotton socks, are either too close to see what is going on, bringing their own baggage with them, or just don’t know how to tell you what isn’t working.  I don’t have that problem because I am invested in you and your biggest dreams, not your fears.

For those of you who are over this and ready to start having REAL conversations about love and life, I have created this site (and hopefully it will grow into so much more) to start a change in our world and the way they think about love.  Not only in our perspectives, but in the way we make choices and live each day to take action to create love.  We are going to talk about what healthy love and relationships really look and feel like,  how to take care of our own crap so that you can actually create one and how to live to find it.  Good stuff, right?


Let me start this journey with you by giving you a big old hug and reminding you that you don’t have some incurable singles disease nor have you pissed off the Love Gods. So many times we treat love like it is some fairy dust, magical moment where one day cupid likes you enough that he magically finds you and TADA! you are in love!  Then you can start planning the really overpriced wedding and worry about those silly relationship details later!  It will all work out right?  Love conquers all!!!!!!

Well, not really.


Love, and more importantly relationships, are a conscious decision based on many variables that you CREATE with another person who has the ability to create it with you. It is not rocket science, but your head has to work with your heart in the process.  So, if you are waiting for those Love Gods to shine down on you, you might be waiting for awhile.

My goal is to start by helping you realize that being single is awesome and a place to embrace.  Next, we are going to start talking about the beautiful mess that relationships are and how to create a really, really good one when you are ready.  Finally, we are going to give you fun ways to get out there and make it happen.  All while occasionally sharing my own ridiculous stories and mistakes that will make you feel much better about your love life:)  How do you think I got so smart?

I am ready to work my butt off for you and with you, helping you become the happiest person ever.

Kira Sabin

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