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How Do I Keep My Husband From Cheating?

How Do I Keep My Husband From Cheating?

It's often believed that people cheat because there is something missing in their relationship which then tempts them to be unfaithful. What are the causes of infidelity? And can you keep your spouse from having an affair? Literally meaning the breaking of trust, cheating is sometimes about experiencing ...

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Should You Go To Couples Therapy Before There's A Problem?

Should You Go To Couples Therapy Before There's A Problem?

You're happily married and love life. So happily married, in fact, that you've never went to couples therapy. Why should you, right? Wrong! There are a ton of reasons why happily married couples benefit from seeing a counselor. If you're enjoying the beautiful ride of your happy marriage, don't ...

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Why Did My Spouse Cheat On Me?

Why Did My Spouse Cheat On Me?

Men cheat. Women cheat. Marriage is complicated and the issue is not simply black and white. In fact, there are two sets of needs that need to be addressed when infidelity occurs in your marriage.  YourTango relationship experts Esther Perel, Read More

My Husband & I Fight About The Dishes—Or Is It Something Bigger?

My Husband & I Fight About The Dishes—Or Is It Something Bigger?

Are you and your significant other always fighting about the dirty dishes in the sink? How about shutting the cabinet doors or making the bed? If these small battles sound familiar, you're not alone. Many couples fight about such things, but is this a sign of a bigger problem? Read More

I Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex!

I Can't Stop Thinking About My Ex!

What happens if you can't stop thinking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? If the relationship ended badly, how are you supposed to move on to a positive dating future? And, how do you keep the ghosts of your exes out of your new relationship? /node/130565 In this ...

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Elisabeth LaMotte

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Communication Problems

Dating/Being Single Support

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10 years +

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Sex Therapist

Social Worker


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Expiration 7/31/15
Number LC303278

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