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My Cats, My Supervisors

Yes, I'll admit it. My cats rule. Let's just talk about a typical day and you'll see just what I mean. I wake up in the morning, with one cat making a ton of noise and the other is just walking back and forth over me, or maybe he's nose to my nose. I cannot do anything else, until I feed them.

How To Have An Affair Without Getting Caught

An interesting thing happens when you speak to hundreds of people who have ended relationships because their partner cheated; you actually learn how to have an affair. I have actually been asked by those in relationships to share with them how to have an affair so they don’t get caught! For the record, I do not condone planning an affair or extra-marital relationships.

chris brown
Known abuser Chris Brown is making headlines again.

5 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Did you know there are definite personality traits that are typical of a man who abuses? While not every abuser falls under this profile, here are five typical warning signs that the guy you're with doesn't have your best interests at heart.

lance armstrong
Lance Armstrong takes lying to a new level.

Are You Dating A Liar Like Lance Armstrong?

We may never know if Lance Armstrong's former girlfriends Kate Hudson and Sheryl Crow knew about his performance-enhancing drug use. But if he was able to successfully conceal it from various anti-doping agencies around the world for so many years, the women in his lives were likely duped as well ... begging the question: What chance would you have of knowing your date was a habitual liar?

Wondering Where to Meet Singles?

Not into the club scene and wondering where to meet single men and women? Then follow some of these tips: • Get active - Ten most popular sports are: fitness walking 39%, swimming 32%, billiards 25%, bowling 21%, weight training 20%, basketball 18%, running 16%, fishing 15%, camping 15%, using cardio machines 14%.

How Can You Get Out Of Your Own Way & Find Love?

How Can You Get Out Of Your Own Way & Find Love?

It’s almost the end of January.   How are your commitments for love going?  Have you created a structure for making your dreams come true this year? Most people, on New Year’s Day, are pretty psyched about their resolutions, especially when it comes to getting an amazing body, making more money, or finally finding true love. But just a few weeks later, the excitement dissipates. Even the smartest, most well-intentioned people find themselves falling back into their usual mindsets.