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10 Ways to Nourish Your Marriage

10 Ways to Nourish Your Marriage

What's the key to a successful relationship? Sometimes it's the simple things that are taken for granted or we think are unimportant that hold the key to a healthy, loving and happy relationship. Here are ten tips on how to make your relationship last:  

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8 Secrets For Surviving Divorce

Ask anyone who's been through divorce what it's like and they'll likely recount a loss of sleep, irritability, forgetfulness, tears, inability to function and sadness — sometimes all at once, sometimes sequentially, and that's on top of the never-ending list of chores and tasks triggered by the legal process, maybe finding somewhere new to live and maybe finding a new job. You can probably add a few of your own. So how do you get through it?

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Why Online Dating Doesn't Work

In the current breed of "old dog" dating sites, there are a lot of users who just "pose and show off" to market themselves, answering questions dishonestly to make themselves seem more desirable. That makes it harder for you to select the singles who are right for you. When examining matches, we should cut out this "noisy data" and focus on the real goal: finding a compatible hook-up, friend, partner, soul mate ... whomever you are searching for. Plus, we should be able to do this quickly, easily and accurately. Don't you agree?

Dial Down the Crazy When Dating Someone New

Dial Down the Crazy When Dating Someone New

Dating isn't always easy. It's easy to get mixed signals from your special someone. As women, we tend to read more into things that are said to us. And we take people on their word. If he says "I'll call you" well that means he'll call. Unfortunately, in 'guy speak', that could mean he will call, he will never call or he may call the day you've finally moved on from him just to play with your head. 

7 Keys Women Need For Dating

7 Keys Women Need For Dating

[Interview by Vitra Singh for Diva Gossip] Doing dating right can be a challenge for men and women who just want to meet “the right one.” Diving in haphazardly without stopping to think about what you are looking for, qualities that are essential, and how to bring up some tough talk can hurt more than help.

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Love Lessons From 'Oz The Great & Powerful'

I recently went to see the new Disney movie "Oz the Great and Powerful." You see, as a psychologist and author of the book Follow the Yellow Brick Road: How to Change for the Better When Life Gives You Its Worst, I took a special interest in this film. In my book, I devote an entire chapter to the concept of the wizard, and it is through this lens that I warn my clients to watch out; the wizard will wreck your relationship.