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The Myth Of Codependency
We're not codependent; we're just human

The Myth Of Codependency

Codependency is a thing that has plagued people for many years and raise several questions? Am I too dependent on my partner? Is this not a healthy relaltionship? How can I stop being codependent? Our expert revals the myth behind this issue and what codepenency really means in a relationship.

5 Dating Tips for the Single Mom on Mother's Day

5 Dating Tips for the Single Mom on Mother's Day

In honor of mother’s day, and trying to help singles moms out there not only find a great guy, but keep the relationship going strong, I thought I would help by outlining common dating mistakes single moms make as well as give a few suggestions how to prevent them. #1  Introducing the children too soon to your date or new love interest. Introducing your child too soon to your date or special someone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Single dads are guilty of making this mistake, also. These guys are perfectly fine with you having a child, but  you change the dynamic before you really get to know the person by introducing surly teens, or crying toddlers. Keep that romance alive, or the possibility of it, for as long as possible between just the two of you. Sure, he may have children also, and think it’s a good idea for everyone to go to the zoo. When he never calls you again after the kids argued all day, you will know why.

How SHAME Separates Being Known And Fear Of Judgment

How SHAME Separates Being Known And Fear Of Judgment

Whatever troubles we're experiencing, we often have shame that these difficulties are even upon us. We fear judgment being passed upon is and lack the self-trust to comfortably tells someone what we're going through. Our expert reveals how holding back can only further cause problems in the future and how to better handle the situation in the present.

What Is Clinical Sport Psychology?
The way to a better performance is to a better state of mind.

What Is Clinical Sport Psychology?

There is so much pressure on athletes to perform well that often their psychilogical well being suffers. However, with a new approach called mindfulness-acceptance-commitment (MAC), athletes are on their way to better mental health and better performance as well.

how your anger will break up your relationship
Unfair outbursts on your part will only hurt your relationship.

8 Ways Your Anger Will Break Up Your Relationship

Unfortunately, it's easy to let anger contaminate our relationships. When we give in to anger, we lose control in the moment and then feel guilty for the damage it does to our loved ones. So how can we take better control of our emotions?

woman sad
Mother's Day can be very hard for women who have had abortions.

How To Survive Mother's Day If You Feel Post-Abortion Grief

Mother's Day for women who have had a voluntary pregnancy termination, or abortion, can be just as unhappy as Valentine's Day for people in bad relationships. On a day that motherhood is embraced and celebrated, many women experience sadness over their choice and are reminded of "what might have been."

your mother messed up your love life
"When are you going to find a nice guy and settle down?" Thanks a lot, mom.

4 Ways Your Mom Messed Up Your Love Life

Sure, you would like to think that you're a grown, independent adult ... but we're here to tell you the hard truth: your mom still influences who you date.

Sports addiction and anxiety
Is sports taking over your life? You may need to look at your anxiety in a different way.

Sports Addiction & Anxiety: What's The Connection?

In cases of excessive exercising, a person treats their own body as an object rather than as a subject (i.e., they experience themselves as "you" instead of "I"). This objectification of the self allows one to feel a sense of control regarding some aspect of oneself, or one's relationships with others, that otherwise seems out of control.